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Repairs for Various Issues

Instead of spending top-dollar to replace an appliance, call Witty Appliance Service. We'll have your appliance up and running in no time with our fast, convenient repairs for all types of problems.

Fixes for All Issues Including:

• Dryers Not Heating or Starting
• Leaking Washers & Dishwashers
• Ranges & Ovens Not Lighting or Not Reaching Proper
• Machines Not Working at All
• Machines Making Grinding Noises
• Washers Not Draining or Spinning Properly
• Lights Flashing on Dishwashers
• Refrigerators' Fans/Motors Making Noises
• Washers Filling While Turned off
• Machines Making Squeaking Noises
• Error Codes on Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers,
  Ranges, & Ovens

• Refrigerators Not Defrosting
• Washers Humming
• Washers Shaking or Stopping in Mid-Cycle
• Dishwashers' Soap Dispenser Not Opening
• Refrigerators Not Cooling
• Ice Makers Not Making Ice (No Water Supply)
• Gas Smells from Burners on Ranges or Ovens
• Parts Coming off of Appliances
• Lint Buildup in Dryers
• Dryers Making Noises While Tumbling
• Door Latch Issues
• Burning Smells from Appliances

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Contact our Appliance Repair Company from Cortland, New York, to solve any issue.